"This should be required reflection for teams. Thank you for creating this."

— Carrie Melissa Jones
Founder, Gather Community Consulting

About The Book

Whether you work for yourself or a larger organization, it’s easy to see the challenges and frustrations of modern work: constant communication, continuous distraction, and endless meetings abound.

We have so much amazing technology that enables so many incredible opportunities, yet we’ve unintentionally evolved to a place where it’s become difficult to achieve the levels of focus necessary for deep thinking and productive creation.

In a world of overwhelming work environments, Humanity helps people flourish by bringing intention to their work and creating more human work environments that facilitate more joy and fulfillment throughout your daily life.

Clear Path Forward is a digital workbook full of practices, exercises, and tools to help you improve your approach to work. It’s written as a hands-on guide to behavior change that encourages reflection and introspection, facilitates learning and adaptation, and leads you towards a state of continuous improvement, so your evolution doesn’t end when the pages do.

Think of Clear Path Forward as a training program combined with a facilitated workshop, delivered in workbook form, so you can go at your own pace.

There are two editions to choose from:

One guides you to improve your individual work.

The other expands into collaborations with others.

The Personal Edition

56 pages, 4 sections, and 8 worksheets, PDF + ePub

— Assess the way you approach your work

— Gain insight into your mindsets, habits, and behaviors

— Identify what’s truly working and what’s holding you back

— Bring intention to the way you work so you can feel more joy and meaning

— Make immediate adjustments that increase the effectiveness of your time spent working

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The Collaborative Edition

Includes the Personal Edition plus a 17-page section with 3 more worksheets, PDF + ePub

— Build upon what you learn in the Personal Edition by gaining an understanding of the system and team that supports your work — and vice versa

— Explore and understand what your system needs to be most effective

— Identify the needs, frictions, and improvement opportunities within that system

— Make adjustments that improve the effectiveness of your interactions with colleagues, clients, collaborators, and others

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You’ll gain a lot from either edition.

The Collaborative Edition, however, will help you understand more about the complexities and challenges found throughout the human interactions you have all day long — whether you’re an independent worker or an organizational leader — while the Personal Edition focuses solely on you, your needs, and your challenges.

If you want to look holistically, The Collaborative Edition is for you.

Mike Tannenbaum

Writer, Strategist, Coach

I spend my time helping people and teams become the best versions of themselves. My specialty is helping people understand human behaviors while thinking differently about how to run companies, lead teams, work together, tell stories, build community, and create impact.

Mostly, I help people solve problems.

As a Strategist, Researcher, and Writer, I've collaborated with organizations including The University of Pennsylvania, Johnson & Johnson, Dave & Buster's, Comcast, MRM//MCCANN, Work & Co, Soom Foods, stae, and startups of varying sizes.

You can learn more about me here, if you'd like.

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